…it’s BEAN a while…


the carnage and aftermath

the carnage and aftermath



ok…I know the title is cheesy.  Like way cheesy.  But I’m working and wanted to take a quick break to post something.  It’s not related to food politics, nor is it a recipe, but I wanted to put it up so folks can experience the confusion, and now slow gutteral pain that I am feeling.


 I’m a Jelly Belly addict.  I love them.  My roomate can attest to the wide eyed, school girl giddyness when you put me in front of a Jelly Belly self serve contraption.  I can actually create a mixture that will add to about 5 pounds and not be ashamed about it.  Nope, not ashamed at all.

I’ve been traveling for a bit and getting sick, healthy, and then sick again…(which is one of the many reasons I have failed at being a “blogger” and keeping this blog up to date) so I figured that today I will treat myself to a bag of sour Jelly Bellys to make up for the pain that I have put on my body and so on.  So I am sitting and enjoying my candy, excited for the first puckering, sour flavor of the pastel blue bean.  I am dissapointed, the texture is off.  It turns out that I accidentally bought the sugar free version.  But I am too much of an addict to let it go, now there are some things that go in my mouth that I require to be the most pure and perfect of them all, but candy is not one of them.  As long as it is sweet, delicious, and awesome…it will do the job.  So I eat like three more, then it turns into like ten more.  I begin to convince myself that sugar free isn’t that bad.  Then, with my food conciousness in hand, I was like…wait, if they are sugar free, maybe they are also gelatin free.  So I look at the back, and then I gasp.  On the back it says:

“Warning: Consumption may cause stomach discomfort and/or laxative effect, individual tolerance will vary; we suggest starting with 8 beans or less.”

Yep.  Right there.  In blue text with a coy red box around it.  It doesn’t even say what causes it, but you’ll get it.  So not only do you get screwed because you can’t truly taste the realness that we call a Jelly Bean, you have to suffer the runs on top of it.  

So as I write this after my lunch break, I begin to wonder…why?  Is it worth the gas, bloating, and diarrhea just to have a Jelly Belly?  This is one of those situations where the symptoms, in my opinion, are not worth the end result.  Speaking of end results, I’m feeling a rumbling in my stomach…and a weird after taste in my mouth.

Oh, and I promise.  A real post to come next week.


3 Responses to “…it’s BEAN a while…”

  1. 1 priscilla
    June 24, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    hey there’s my laptop…and fingers!
    yes, i witnessed the carnage.. scott is such a nervous puppy – those happy beans didn’t stand a chance! although they will have the last laugh – scott’s curled up in a ball in the corner right now.. i’m almost expecting an alien to rip through his stomach right about now.. i’ll keep you all posted.

  2. 2 Juyeon
    October 20, 2009 at 7:09 pm

    what is happening? How come there is no more posting, sugarbee? ^^

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