master cleanse scott’s way (i.e. the wrong way)

the lush's master cleanse

Yes, I know.  I haven’t written a post in a while.  It’s pretty shocking that I haven’t posted anything yet.  I mean, even after the incessant “I’m reading your blog, but there isn’t anything new to read” from my friends to the “Scott, I tell all my friends that my son has a blog, but then there is nothing new to read” from my Mom and Dad, you would think I would write something just so I wouldn’t get the nagging.  But I don’t.  I think it’s because I secretly like the nagging.  It gives me a way to measure my readership and how many people do find interest in my blog.  But, I’m now prepared to move on to new and exciting posts.

The last couple of months have allowed me to do some self reflection both on a personal and professional level, and with it comes my annual want to do something huge and drastic.  And what more of a natural way to celebrate new beginnings and new life than in a fast/cleanse?  I’ve actually been wanting to try a cleanse for some time now.  It all started when a friend of mine from the Bay in California told my brother and I about it.  I know, leave it to someone from the Bay to spread something like the “Master Cleanse”.  I did some research and thought it would be “fun”.  So I started talking about it with my friends in DC.  Nope, no takers.  A couple of years later, I begin talking about it to my NYC friends and finally got a taker.  My roommate.  Now, my roommate is pretty great.  When she has her mind set on something, she ends up going for it, so I knew that she would be a good cleanse buddy to go on a lemon filled journey with.

Now, for folks who aren’t familiar with the cleanse you should google search it (or bing search it…) and read about it.  It actually sounds pretty do-able and seems to have positive effect on people.  But, I have yet to feel the benefits of it.  I was actually shocked, I went a whole 42 hours.  I know right?  I still think that’s not bad.  But, I’m not going to lie.  I get hungry way too easily and it seemed like 42 hours would give me some of the same outcome as the full 10 days.  I mean, what’s the difference between 42 hours and 10 days right?

Now, the main form of nutrients for the ten days is a mix of grade b maple syrup, lemon juice, and a touch of cayenne made into a lemonade.  I wasn’t sure about it at first, but shockingly. It tasted pretty good.  It actually was so good that I craved it after a full meal the night of day 2.  Yeah, it was that good.  So, what did I do that night?  I did what any normal lush would do, I snuck into my roommate’s stash of lemon mix and created an alcoholic drink.  I felt like she could spare one serving of her lemonade.  The drink is great, it’s a tart, sweet, and slightly spicy delicious-fest.  I actually think it’s nice for the Winter weather that is starting here in NYC.  I haven’t tried it hot yet, but I might after I take a picture for the blog.  It’s also pretty easy to make.  I have it in the picture as a martini, but you can also serve it over ice if you want it a little lighter.

Make sure you stir it or use liquid cayenne.  The flakes sink to the bottom and that last sip might be way too spicy if you let it just chill there.


1 oz. lemon juice

1 oz of maple syrup (no need for grade b if you aren’t doing the cleanse)

dash of cayenne pepper

12 oz of Vodka (6 oz if over ice)


fill a shaker ¾ full with ice

mix all ingredients into the shaker

shake vigorously for a few minutes till ice breaks down and fully chilled

strain into iced cocktail glass or pour contents into highball glass (you can rim the glass with sugar)

garnish with lemon wheel or just with rimmed sugar.  this is optional.

~serves 1~


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