brussels sprouts with duck prosciutto

brussel sprouts with duck prosciutto

I’m sure you are sick of me talking about this, but I am going to scream from the top of the hills.  I must profess my love for all to hear.  I love the farmers market.  Not only for the many reasons that I have stated before, but you also get to experiment and use ingredients that you never have heard of before.  It’s because of my awkward and obsessive love for the farmers market that I discovered the wonders of duck prosciutto.  Now, I’m assuming like most people, duck prosciutto has never been on any of your radars.  I haven’t heard of it at all until I happened to stroll by the duck vendor until recently.   I am now sold.

The duck prosciutto that I got is from “Hudson Valley Duck Farm” in upstate New York. Prosciutto is usually made with ham.  Actually, it’s the Italian word for ham.  However, the word has now been used to describe the process and result.  Duck prosciutto is made commonly with the duck breast of the Moulard duck.  It’s a fatty duck so that means more fat to render when you cook with it.  Yes, it is that delicious.  The taste of duck prosciutto is slightly sweet with a soft gamey flavor from the duck.  It is salty, but it is nowhere as salty as the pork cousin of this ingredient.  If you ever have the opportunity to try this, you should.  Plus, I would check into ordering some if you can.

When rendering the fat, make sure the heat is on low.  I myself have burned many bacon bits with too high of heat, so go slow.  Plus, if you go slowly, you get the benefit of having the smell of smoky fragrant duck fat in your house.  Who need Febreeze?  I have duck prosciutto.  If you don’t have access to the duck, you can use pancetta, regular prosciutto, or thick cut bacon.  Simple dish, the main point of this dish is to have the prosciutto or cured meat to be the main flavor of the meal.  The brussels sprouts are just the canvas.


10 oz of brussels sprouts (about 20) cut stems and halve

½ cup duck prosciutto, ¼ inch cubes

¼ cup shallots, sliced

¼ tsp red chili flake

salt and pepper to taste


render out fat from the duck on low heat in a pan until duck is crispy and remove the duck pieces

sautee shallots and chili flakes in duck fat until fragrant

add brussels sprout and duck to pan and toss

cover pan and cook until sprouts are tender stirring occasionally, about 5 minutes

-serves 4-


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