onion and thyme dip

onion and thyme dip

I love dips.  It’s an amazing discovery that I will always be grateful for.  Whoever invented the delicious, creamy, flavorful, wonderful condiment deserves my first, second, and maybe third child.  I used to try so hard to convince my parents to buy me the jar of ranch or French Onion dressing at the supermarket, but always failed.  Instead I had to just wait to be invited to a non Chinese party so I can gorge on whatever dip was the highlight of my evening.  My mouth drools as I type this.

Out of all the dips, onion dip was the best.  I love the creaminess of the dip mixed with the strong flavor of the onion.  Is was as if the Gods read my mind and scraped off all the powder and flavoring of every sour cream and onion Pringle chip mixed it with some sour cream and then injected some msg to it.  Yeah.  MSG.  So delicious.  It’s all I really needed at a party.  I mean, people where great to, music wasn’t necessary, drinks – a perk, but onion dip…now that made the party.  If there isn’t any, then why bother having a party?

I was always use to the powdered kind, but when I realized that I could just make my own from scratch, I jumped at the challenge.  Instead of the base being just mayo or sour cream, I use no fat yogurt to help bind the dip and give it a creamy flavor.  I added mayo and sour cream only for flavoring.  There really is no substitute for the powdered version though, so to try to mimic the texture of it, I also added some onion flakes to give it the dehydrated texture to it.  Because, although I try to update and make foods from fresh food, why bother changing everything about something that is so delicious.  So, put out some chips and crackers, get some friends together, put some Alicia, John, Black Eyed Peas, and Debbie Gibson on your ipod, and get ready for a party of a lifetime.  Ok, whatever…I will probably finish all of this by tomorrow.  Let the dip meld and marinate for at least one hour before serving.


1 large onion, minced (about 3 cups)

2 tbs butter

1 tbs olive oil

1 clove garlic, minced (about 1 tbs)

1 large shallots, minced (about 1/2 cup)

5 sprigs of fresh thyme or 1 tsp dried

1 cup greek yogurt

1 tbs dried onion flakes

½ tsp garlic powder

2 tbs sour cream

1 tbs mayonnaise

¼ cup scallion, minced


sauté oil, butter, and onion in a pan on medium heat, stirring constantly [about 20 minutes]

add shallots and garlic to pan and cook, stirring occasionally, till everything is caramelized and brown

transfer pan mixture and let cool to room temperature

mix remaining ingredients with onion mixture and season to taste with salt and pepper

steep for at least an hour and serve with chips, crackers, or vegetables

-serves many-


2 Responses to “onion and thyme dip”

  1. 1 Kawez
    January 22, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    Scott, you are speaking my language. I love dip! My mom would NEVER buy it unless it was a very special occasion (like the Super Bowl, or the holidays when having guests over). Sometimes we could trick my dad into it, because he comes from a dip loving family, but his dip choices were questionable 75% of the time. Like you, most of my dip experiences came from other homes and parties. My favorites were also ranch and french onion. Now that I’m a grown-up, I can have dip whenever I want, and will definitely try this recipe.

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