…buttered spiced pomegranate syrup…

...buttered spiced pomegranate syrup...

I took “Home Ec” in 7th grade.  It was part of a required electives course offered to wide eye 7th graders entering Middle School.  I was so excited; I finally got more than one teacher, different classmates, and choice of electives.  Well sort of.  While everyone else had already decided on an elective of their choice, I was still clueless so I did the exploratory elective.  I had woodshop for a quarter, then music, then art, and then Home Economics.  It was fun; I learned how to sow a pillow, first aid, and basic cooking skills.  I don’t think I ever finished my pillow come to think of it.
Anyways, we learned basic cooking and safety skills as taught by a real housewife of Orange County.  I’m realizing the humor in it now, because as I recall she came in one day with a bandage because she burned her by resting her hand on the burner at home.  Hm…curious.  One of the dishes that we learned how to make in cooking week was pancakes.  I remember being so excited about this.  I never was into breakfast growing up, especially because breakfast at home was Taiwanese bread or congee.  So this was something new and exciting.  I learned how to make it out of scratch and immediately made it for my parents.  Plus, my previous attempt at pancakes where not so successful.  I had so much fun.  Plus I learned about the importance of baking powder and it’s purpose in cooking.  That was a fun class.

Now, I still rarely eat pancakes in my daily life, but I do have cravings for it now and then.  I’ve been more so cooking them on the fly and making a basic batter without measuring, which creates fun and excitement because the outcome could be good or bad.  But, in the end it still tastes fine and really the important thing is the syrup.  I’ve played around with different kind of syrups and flavors that I can create.  And learned what was good and bad.  A hint for you all, simple syrup with just orange segment is not enough for a syrup.  Actually, it’s just not good.

This syrup is pretty awesome.  It has a nice tang from the pomegranate with a creamy spiciness with the cloves, all spice, and butter.  There is a plus that it is a beautiful deep red that makes anything it is on look sexy.  Or prosperous if you are eating this for Lunar New Year.  You can actually make this as flavored simple syrup and put it in the fridge for beverage making or lemonade/ tea sweetening if you want.  Just don’t put the butter in it.  The butter helps thicken it up, give it a pretty shine, and it’s just plain delicious.  Oh, and pardon the picture of the pancake and picture quality.  One of my lights burned out and I made the pancakes without measurements.  But, it’s still delicious…promise….


4 cups pomegranate juice

1 tbs all spice, whole

1 tbs cloves, whole

4 tbs sugar

1 tsp lime or orange zest

2 tbs butter


simmer pomegranate juice, all spice, cloves, zest, and sugar in a saucepan on high

prepare pancakes using instant or your own recipe while juice is boiling

reduce liquid until about 2 cups remain and the juice is a thick consistency

filter out the spices in lime zest

swirl butter into syrup until melted and completely incorporated

serve over pancakes or waffles

-serves 4-


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