nourish the movement-cooking demonstration/fundraiser with Scott Lu

join me @ the caaav fundraiser

First I start a food blog, and then I audition for a reality show (I still think Paula Deen and a bearskin rug would be a great show concept…Food Network/Cooking Channel.  Just hear me out!), and now I get to do a cooking demo for a group of people.  My “do by 2010” list is starting to get shorter and shorter.  That’s pretty exciting.  The “Cooking Demo” wasn’t actually something I thought I would do this year, but I was asked and I’m honored to be able to do this fundraiser for an organization that has been so important to me.

I was first introduced to CAAAV ten years ago as a naïve teenager at an event in Chinatown against shady landlords that where beginning a move to force low income tenants out of their houses in order to make space for high income lofts.  Originally my thought after the event was “cool, I’m kick ass. And I am changing the world because I participated in this one event” but CAAAV soon let me realize that this was a small action in relation to a larger movement that CAAAV has and continues to push in New York City.

Over the next ten years I was able to see the impact that CAAAV had on youth, immigrants, workers, and families.  I’ve seen youth come together to win battles against landlords trying to kick out their own families for economic gain.  I’ve seen women come together to organize against abusive employers and win back their compensation, dignity, and justice.  I’ve seen communities come together to demand that translators be present at hospitals to ensure proper medical care.  And it is because of the amazing leadership of the organizers, members, and staff that we celebrate these victories now.

This work is hard and cost money, especially in this financial crisis.  If you are in NYC, please help me support this great organization and its amazing work by coming to “Nourish The Movement”.  There is going to be drinking, cooking, funny stories, and…did I say drinking?  The event will start at 6:30 at the Downtown CAAAV office [46 Hester St.  Take the F to East Broadway or B/D to Grand St.]  See the flyer above for more information.  To RSVP, email rsvp@brb-eating.com or call 212/ 473.6485 or twitter @brbeating.  So many ways to RSVP, which one will YOU choose!?

Oh, if you can’t make it or are not in NYC, you can still donate.  Go to www.caaav.org.  I’m donating the food cost to the event, if you want to help support me in that, send an email to me: info@brb-eating.com


2 Responses to “nourish the movement-cooking demonstration/fundraiser with Scott Lu”

  1. May 25, 2010 at 9:34 am

    Hey! I am a friend of Jay Kim’s, and I wish I could be at your cooking demo this week. BUT, I run a food blog called The Fairy Chef, which is designed to provide original recipes that use healthy ingredients and will a family of four for less than $20!

    I am really glad to know you are out there. I am thinking of pitching a cooking show…maybe we should collaborate! I was thinking of combining cooking, politics, and guest spots…sort of like a Queer Rachel Ray meets Paula Deen meets Oprah meets Amy Goodman.

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