lychee-tea-ni with jasmine tea infused vodka


I’m starting to realize that my blog has not only been a way for me to record and share important dishes, but also be a way for me to admit to my addictions in life.  It’s as if I am part of a 12-step program and you are all my sponsors.  So naturally, because of this revelation, it would make sense that I admit my addiction in this post.  This addiction is a painful one of liquid joy.  At times, I jones for it at all times of the day.  Morning, Noon, Night…I crave a good cold crisp sip of this drink.  Sometimes I get anxious without it in my system.  It’s pretty bad.  But I think I am ready to make the admission to you all.  I am addicted to jasmine tea.

I love jasmine tea.  I have an infatuation of it.  I especially love it mixed with milk, sweetener, tapioca pearls, and ice.  It’s a creamy drink with a floral hint and a vanilla after taste.  It’s like spring, summer, and fall all mixed into one.  I usually order three or four of these a week and can pound a whole glass within a twenty minute time period.  I know.  I have a problem.  But it’s oh so good and oh so worth it.  I figure hey, I should just make this at home.  So I bought some jasmine tea.

Now jasmine tea usually isn’t just jasmine leaves/flowers when you buy it.  It might be way too floral for anyone’s palate.  It’s usually mixed with green tea leaves or oolong tea leaves.  I prefer the green tea version because it has more of an herbal flavor over the stronger tea flavor of oolong.  But both are still good, and give me the fix that I want, and sometime need.

So, like my attempt at the lemonade cleanse and anti-oxidant tea, I challenged myself to make my favorite tea go to the next level.  And oh, did I take it to the next level! I was suffering from an awkward phase in my life where I enjoyed lychee flavored martinis way too much, and always thought they were missing something at the bars.  So I decided to try to give lychee juice and vodka a special level of flavor that blows the mind.  I infused some vodka with jasmine tea…mixed in some lychee juice and VOILA: Lychee-Tea-Ni.  Get it!?  Man, I was so proud when I came up with that name.  I served this drink at the last food demonstration I did.  I thought it killed.  Except I think the name of the drink flew right over people’s heads.

When infusing the vodka, there is no need to buy the expensive stuff.  Any bottom shelf vodka works.  Plus vodka is great for infusing because by definition it is flavorless and odorless liquor.  Hence the reason it’s the perfect thing to mix drinks with.  You can buy loose leaf tea and use that, I like it in the bag so that way I don’t have to fish out leaves when I serve the drink.  The vodka lasts for a while.  Just remember to remove the tea if  you are keeping it for a while.    Totally easy and perfect for the summer. Salut! Cheers! Prost! And 幹杯!


1 liter cheap vodka

1 tea bag jasmine tea or 1 tsp

2 oz. lychee juice

lychee fruit, optional


steep tea bag in cheap vodka [I just put the bag directly into the bottle] for at least 4 hours, or until it looks like iced tea

fill shaker ¾ full of ice

mix 12 oz. of vodka with lychee juice into shaker

shake vigorously for a few minutes till ice breaks down and fully chilled

strain into iced cocktail glass

garnish with a lychee fruit (optional)


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