Help Me Design My Business Cards!

a view of my bookmarks. yes that says "gossip"

I’m getting business cards for brb…eating.  I know, it’s official.  I’m not going to just be a kid who likes writing about recipes, but I will now be a blogger with a business card.  How sexy is that?

While getting my friend to help me create a design for my business card, I realized-Hey, this is the chance for my friends who read my blog to decide what my identiy/brand should look like.  They should choose what the pictures of my business card should be.

So, I finished/edited all of my pictures, posted them on facebook, and now am putting it in your hands.  I’m really not sure if this is the most efficient way to do it, but my countless hours during lectures looking at facebook made this my go too space to hold the voting.

And now I put it in your hands.  Go to this album and pick your top FIVE (5) photos by leaving your vote in the comment.  I’ll tally them up and pick the top 5 photos to use for my business card.  So now, your probably like “Hey Scott! What do I get out of it.  You’re making me do all this work.”  Well here is my answer.  I will pick a commenter (ok, maybe two) at random and give you…ready for it.?… a business card of your choice.  Hey, I’m on a budget.    Maybe between now and then I can figure something to give out.
But yes, get your vote on by July 16th.  Or at least look at all the pretty pictures.

Oh, and seeing all the photos in one album makes me realize even more:  I need new dishes for plating.


1 Response to “Help Me Design My Business Cards!”

  1. 1 Jandito
    September 9, 2010 at 1:32 am

    Totally sexy. Congrats!

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