calamansi margarita

Happy Birthday brb-eating.com (and mom).  Let’s celebrate with a drink.


...calamansi margarita...BK hipster style...

I don’t like tequila. I’ve had many bad experiences with it. Whenever I have a whiff of that liquid, I’ve found myself reverting myself to a place of fear, pain, and confusion. I’m forced back to college mornings where I, of legal drinking age, am crouching in an upright fetal position asking myself why oh why would I do such a thing to my head, stomach, and morals. It wasn’t until a few years later when I was living in DC that I challenged myself to try tequila again. I soon learned that it still had the same adverse reactions and I found myself, again, in the same position that I was in college. Except this time it was at a friend’s house, which was slightly more embarrassing.

My attempt to refine my palette and enjoy all liquor again is becoming a fun adventurous roller coaster ride. Well, actually less of an adventure but more of a game of “hit and miss”. It’s been a game of “hm, I remember when this made me feel neausous and I used to have a bad experience when I smell this, but let’s try it anyways” and then see what the result is. It’s like how I handled science experiments in high school.  Except the science experiments didn’t explode the way that the cheap tequila sometimes does for my body.  This “game” has been surprisingly easy for me. This is mainly because I had been putting my nemesis on my list as the last obstacle to encounter: Tequila. I’m not going to lie: it still hurts me. The smell slightly pains my head, stomach and throat. I’ve learned to appreciate certain things about tequila though: the smokiness, the warm bite, and the happiness that can happen when you have good tequila. There are moments, especially with cheap tequila, that I still revert to fetal position memories, but I find that it helps when you hide the taste in some citrusy Filipino syrup that you you convince your roommate to buy for you.

If you aren’t familiar with calamansi, it’s wonderful. It’s a small citrus that is similar to a Kumquat in size and taste. The flesh is extremely sour and the skin is sweet.  You commonly find this fruit in Filipino places. You can find it in concentrated form through the frozen juice cans, frozen whole fruit, or in syrup form. Mix it with tea, hot water, cold water, ginge ale, whatever you want it and it takes your beverage to a whole new level. I use to make a lot of beverages with it during my short stint at a Filipino restaurant. Whenever I made some juice, or something else, for myself, I kept on thinking to myself how great tequila would taste in this. When I finally had a chance to try it, it was great! The smokiness of the tequila mixes well with the floral fragrance of the fruit as well as the tartness of the syrup. Also, I recommend rimming the glass with salt. It helps cut down on the sweetness of the syrup, plus it gives it some explosive flavor for your taste buds. Chili salt ( salt mixed with cayenne) would be even better.


2 oz GOOD tequila

.5 oz triple sec

.5 oz calamansi syrup

1 medium lime, in wedges

kosher salt (to rim…can mix with cayenne pepper)


fill shaker with ice and combine tequila, triple sec, and calamnsi syrup.

squeeze two lime wedges and shake until completely incorporated

rim glass with salt by rubbing lime on the rim of a glass and then dipping in salt and garnish with a lime wedge

pour contents of shaker in glass


-serves 1-


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