orange popsicle crush

orange popsicle crush

This blog is starting to become a vessel for my food addictions.  I’m not sure if I should congratulate myself on doing some internal growth and development by taking the plunge of admitting my addiction in such a public way or if I should go hide in shame in a corner with a big bowl of lard rice.  I think I may choose the latter.  If you also notice, I don’t usually do anything to change the addiction.  This is mainly because of two reasons:  1) my addictions are not deadly (in the short term) and 2) I like food and drinks way too much to be picky about it.  So, after much random tangents, I will now admit my addiction.  Let me poise myself, look down in shame, and take a deep breath.  Here it is, I am Scott Lu and I am addicted to popsicles.

Now, I love my popsicles.  Something about the refreshing coolness combined with sweet fruity awesomeness is a great combination.  (yes, that sentence was mundane and remedial at it’s best).  I’ll eat any type of popsicles.  My favorites do have to be the kind that I grew up with when I was young: Big Sticks, original, and  Firecrackers.  Awesome.  Although the real fruit popsicles are great, and I love chomping down on piece of frozen strawberry, but something about the neon colored, “artificially flavored with real fruit juice” ice on a stick just makes me so happy inside.

Popsicles are simple.  When I was little I would pour some juice in an ice cube tray and then freeze it.  That’s not exciting enough and worth a post.  So, why not challenge myself to create a post that reminds me of popsicles and yet seems exciting to create?

The answer? I revert to my lemonade cleanse days, and make it deliciously alcoholic.  Working as a bartender allows me the opportunity to make new creations and play around with ingredients that my home bar doesn’t have.  There has been this recent trend, not sure where it comes from, to have orange vodka and sprite.  I tried it, and liked it, but it felt like it was missing another layer of flavor.  I grabbed a few slices of orange, muddled it up, and the citrus oils gave it an extra layer of flavor.  I felt like I was drinking a cup of orange popsicles.  It was amazing.

Who knew that adding natural fruit to flavored vodka would make it taste like unnaturally flavored popsicles?  The natural oils in the citrus zest and pith create an awesome flavor that lingers as you take each sip.  Although this may seem like a summer drink (the citrus), do it in the wintertime.  Oranges are in season and the sweetest and most fragrant.  Also, don’t use orange juice as a substitute.  That’s not the point, it’s the peels that are key in this drink.

Oh, and I’m glad that I have found a way to combine two of my addictions: Popsicle and alcohol.  One step closer to attaining perfection?


orange slices

1 ½ oz Orange flavored vodka (Stoli Oranj, Absolut Mandarin)


lemon/lime soda (sprite or 7 up)


muddle (smash up) a couple of slices of orange in a glass

fill glass with ice and vodka

shake glass with shaker or stir with spoon

top with soda

garnish with orange slice if you like


-serves 1-


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