Hurricane Sandy Update/Request for Support and a Drink Recipe

Hey Folks,

First of all, I’m ok.  Sandy came and went to my household only leaving a few leaky windows.  We were lucky.  Second, I’ve been really busy the last couple of months playing with foams, powders, floats, and ice at work so I’ve neglected a lot of my blogging duties.  For that, I apologize.  I did however want to share an email I sent out a day after the storm.  It’s attached below.

Also, I wanted to make sure I had a recipe at least to make up for some of the silence.  So, pasted below is “The Sazerac”.  It’s my drink of choice on these cold fall days.  Enjoy.

Damage in Chinatown

Hello Friends,

I write this email to update you about my status in NYC after the hurricane.  My brother and housemates are safe and we only suffered a few leaks and anxiety attacks from watching “The Walking Dead” during the howling wind. However, these are all fixable minor problems in comparison to the damages to our communities and I write to you for help.  As many of you know, I have been working with an amazing organization called CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities for the past 15 years.  CAAAV works to build grassroots community power across diverse poor and working class Asian immigrant and refugee communities in New York City. Now, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, they have stepped up to be an important space for those affected the hurricane

Currently, residents in Chinatown are facing a lack of power, water, and information.  While much of the focus in the news is surrounding the Financial District and coastal towns, hundreds of residents are without basic necessities in buildings that were already in poor conditions.  Some areas of Chinatown have tenants filling water bottles through broke hydrants along the streets and without any form of heat or hot water.  Also, as of now, no materials have been translated into Chinese, which leaves many families, children, and elders scared and without access to important information.  Many of these people are living day to day without the knowledge of evacuation centers, support centers, or other services nor do they know about any health dangers within their environment.

CAAAV is leading the effort in Chinatown by providing flashlights, batteries, drinking water, and translated information for those without power in the city.  In just one day after the hurricane, CAAAV had over 500 residents and members come to the offices for help, clean water, and a warm place to spend a few hour.  In addition to this, volunteers and staff members went door to door to inform people of the current conditions and translate information to ensure that all understood what was happening.  The local evacuation center in the community was so un-prepared that they where reaching out to CAAAV for supplies.  The 7th Precinct Police Station was also directing community members to the CAAAV office while also trying to shut them down at the same time.

As many of you can imagine, this is an extremely expensive endeavor. Staff, members, and volunteers have spent hundreds of dollars of their own funds in order to ensure the safety of the community and that folks receive the support that they need during these hard times. Being on the board, there is no way to ever plan on an event like Sandy and budget the necessary funds to support this important work.  And as a board member, it’s extremely frustrating to have to ask volunteers and community members to spend their own money on supplies and services that should be available to them by our elected officials.  So, please join me in supporting CAAAV and its work to build power for these immigrant and refugee communities.  I am setting a personal goal of raising $1,000.  With this money CAAAV will be able to provide enough water, flashlights, and materials and information to over 400 residents. 

Please join me in supporting this important work.  Just $20 can buy around 40 bottles of water.  If you would like to donate please email me with a pledge or you can go donate here.  For more information about CAAAV, please visit www.caaav.org.

Thank you all for your support,



The Sazerac


2 rocks glasses


1 sugar cube

6 dashes of creole bitter or peychaud’s bitter

2 oz rye whiskey


lemon peel


fill one rocks glass with ice and set aside

saturate sugar cube with bitters and muddle until a paste in the other glass

add rye whiskey and stir with ice until cold


dump out ice in other glass and rinse with absinthe (coat the inside with absinthe) and dump out excess liquor


strain whiskey into coated glass and twist lemon over the drink

-serves 1-


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