Day 13: 404 or Mrs. 404

Hello Mam.  I'm glad to meet you.

Hello Ma’am. I’m glad to meet you.

a lost pig in search

of stories, recipes, posts.

a drink to revive

This haiku is how I feel today.  So here is a drink as I work through this random bout of writers block.


It’s called a 404 or Mrs. 404.  A great drink that sells well at the restaurant I work at.  This is a refreshing, subtle, smooth, and a great drink for the winter days and days when you hit a creative block.


Some thoughts on ingredients:


Aperol: An Italian aperitif with a deliciously bittersweet quality similar to grapefruit.  It’s citrus, light, fun, and a beautiful color.  Great with soda.


St. Germain: Elderflower liqueur.  Great floral and tropical quality that reminds me of lychee.


Vodka:  It’s vodka.  It’s good.



1.75 oz vodka

.75 oz lemon juice

.5 oz st. germain

.5 oz aperol

lemon or orange twist for garnish



shake all ingredients in a shaker until cold

strain over a large ice cube or in a chilled martini glass


-serves 1-


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