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grilled skirt steak with chimichurri

No fancy plating for this dish. It's too good to wait.

Every year around early May, I always get this urge to build some sort of garden in my yard, stoop, whatever pots I can find around the house.  It’s my attempt to give off the perception that I have a green thumb or that I am moderately responsible.   Usually it ends with soil full of weeds, one tomato that is big enough to make ¼ of the normal portion of the tomato and scallion scramble, and a Chinese man sun bathing while swatting at a swarm of mosquitoes and drinking a few beers.  I may have just discovered the downfall of my gardening attempt.

Now, beyond the weeds and the single dwarfed tomato, you can always be sure to find a Garden of Eden full of herbs.  I’m not sure what I am doing right, but when it comes to herbs, my thumb is as green as the Jolly Green Giant. Yes, I dare to make that comparison.  I love growing herbs for multiple reasons:  they taste so good, I never use the whole package of fresh herbs from the markets, it’s so rustic and Suzy homemaker.

The one problem with my herb garden is that it overgrows like weeds and tends to be herbs that I like, but aren’t common in Asian cooking.  So, more likely than not, I am forced to try to figure out a dish using a large amount of herbs before I feel like I’ve wasted my time and energy.  That’s where this chimichurri sauce came around.

I really just grabbed whatever herbs I needed to shave down, added some garlic and oil and voila: awesome sauce!  The flavor notes of the sauce meld perfectly.  You have the smokiness of the cumin, the citrus of the coriander, the freshness of the parsley, the spice of the garlic, and the flavor complexion of it all mixed together in the vegetable oil that can only be described as happy frolicking on a warm summer day in the country fields.

My room mate also couldn't wait.

I’ve used a mortar and pestle, good old cutting board and knife, and a hand cranked food processor to make this sauce.  All tools work the same and end with similar results, but I am a sucker for old-fashioned tools so the “mortar and pestle” was my favorite.  This, like most of my dishes, sauce is super easy.  Just grab a handful of herbs, add some garlic, sprinkle some spices, drizzle some oil and taste to make sure it’s all good.  And believe me, it will be all good.  If you’re wondering what summer freshness taste like, this is very close.

I like to make a big batch and before I add the spices, I reserve half to serve as a condiment with the steak. It adds a fresh level of flavors.  Don’t use strong flavored oil either, the star of the sauce are the herbs not the oil.  So say no to the olive oil. I also like to turn the leftovers into a steak sandwich.  Actually, I’m going to have that for lunch after I finish writing this.


2 cups of loosely packed green herbs (mix of parsley, oregano, and cilantro), whole

5 large cloves garlic, minced

1 tsp salt

1 tsp coarse ground black pepper

4 tbs vegetable oil

1 tbs whole coriander seeds, crushed

1 tsp cumin, ground

2 lb skirt steak, fat and connective tissue trimmed


grind herbs, garlic, salt, and pepper in mortar, cutting board, or food processor.

drizzle oil and make the mixture into a paste

reserve half of the sauce and mix in the coriander and cumin and stir to make the marinade

massage the marinade into the flat iron steak and refrigerate covered for at least 2 hours.

grill on high on one side for 6 to 7 minutes and flip and cook on other side until desired doneness. *I like medium rare so I cook it for an addition 4 to 5 minutes

roast in an oven for 9 to 10 minutes in a 450°f oven if there is no grill available.

Serve with reserved chimichurri sauce

-serves 4-


soy glazed crispy chicken glazed chicken...

Growing up we would always go to Palm Springs for weekend trips. It was pretty awesome because the weather was sunny, the air had a nice dry feel to it, and we would always turn the grill on and have a feast. The feast always included a buttered garlic corn dish, stir fried greens, and my dad’s grilled chicken recipe. My brother and I would take on a few more dishes. The dishes varied slightly each time, but one thing that was for sure to always be part of the meal was this chicken dish.

This dish is one of the first dishes that I created on my own. I was super proud of myself after I made this because it was successful. The dish is simple. Just mix the ingredients, add it into the sauce, and then presto: a soy glazed chicken.

...mise en place, yeah I know my terms...

I first started making this dish when I was around 10. I actually still have the piece of paper that I wrote the recipe on. I typed it on my ms-dos computer because I had visions of me building my own cook book or creating my own cooking show. I can now post it on my blog to share with you. The version I am using now is not the original though. I’ve had 18 years to work on this recipe and essentially came up with a different methods to make this dish. The original version (10 years old) is more of a marinade and perfect for grilling or baking. The second makes the sauce into a glaze for drizziling which is perfect for pan frying. Both are really good and result in very different products. I’ve posted both versions for you to see and compare. Plus, you can almost see the growth in my own culinary development. The first version of the recipe is exactly how I typed it up when I was young. The second is a little more of my current style of cooking.

...get that skin crispy...

If you want more info about the original version, leave a comment or contact me. I can update it to make it sound more “adult”.  Leave a comment about the first dish you ever made as a kid.

10 Year Old’s Version


2 tbs sesame oil

1 medium red onion, chopped

6 ginger pieces

3 garlic cloves, smashed

soy sauce [about half cup]

1/4 cup of sugar

2 chicken breasts


heat oil in a saucepan on high heat

sautee ginger, onion, and garlic until fragrant

add soy sauce until you cover the onion, ginger, and garlic and add sugar and stir

simmer on low and let cool completely

pour marinade over chicken and let it sit for at least 2 hours

grill chicken until fully cooked

Adult Version


2 boneless chickens

1 tsp canola oil

1 tbs ginger peeled and minced

2 cloves of garlic minced

1/4 cup onion diced1 tsp sesame oil

1 tbs white sugar

1/4 cup soy sauce

red hot chili flakes to taste

salt and fresh ground black pepper


season chicken with salt and pepper on both sides and heat canola oil on high until screamin’ hot

pan fry chicken breast skin side down in the oil until skin is golden brown and flip

reduce heat to medium until cooked through

remove from heat and reserve on another plate

increase heat to medium high and add sesame oil, onions, ginger, and garlic and stir fry until fragrant, about 2 minutes

add sugar, soy sauce, and red chili flakes and scrape up brown bits with a brown wooden spoon [deglaze the pan]

stir sauce on medium high heat until the sauce is a thick glaze

pour sauce over the chicken

-serves 2-


i hunger...i cook...i eat...i come back...i reminisce...i blog...enjoy.


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